City Silence


Year in Review. Who Made It All Possible.

Posted on 12/13/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

This has been an incredible year for City Silence and Mindful Music Moments. So many people have held space for silence and given of their time and energy to create a safe, uncomplicated place for... read more

Field of dreams. What kind of season are you going to have?

Posted on 04/04/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

Is there enough magic out there in the moonlight to make this dream come true? Dr. Archibald Graham, Field of Dreams. When I was a kid, I listened to the Reds on radio every night they... read more

We all break.

Posted on 03/30/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

I had the honor of conducting the first workshop for MotherLOVE - an important new organization with a mission to empower grieving mothers to move beyond survival to living well through living love. We gathered at... read more

Mindful Harlem visit. On Doubt with Adrian Bueno.

Posted on 01/12/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

I had the good fortune to visit Mindful Harlem last month. This summer, Mindful Harlem's team held space for City Silence at the Harlem Farmer's Market. One of the features of Mindful Harlem is a... read more

Mindful Music Moments: A moment with Micah Harper

Posted on 01/11/16 by Stacy in From Stacy Sims

Today we kicked off our Mozart week with Eine kleine Nachtmusik. Before we started, I got to meet Micah Harper. Micah is Caelyn's brother. Micah likes many things about AWL. He enjoys seeing everyone and having... read more