Sydney Pools – Why Are They So Special?

sdy pools

With Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge being at the forefront, it can be easy to overlook that Sydney also boasts some of Australia’s best ocean pools – commonly referred to as “Sydney Pools.” Popular among both residents and tourists alike, these swimming spots have earned themselves the nickname’sydney pools” locally. But what sets these iconic swimming spots apart? We take a look at their history as well as why they continue being significant today.

Pools are open to the public and offer safe swimming environments when weather is too windy or cold to head into the ocean. Pools also provide physical health and social interaction benefits – according to Royal Lifesaving Society NSW they can even aid people suffering from mental health issues and depression. Pools play an integral part of culture and history and must be properly cared for, otherwise they could disappear forever.

Bondi Icebergs was the inaugural public swimming pool built in Australia and opened for business in 1932; today it remains a world-famous attraction undergoing urgent renovation. The cost-cutting project could reach $50 million but promises more visitors, jobs creation, and improved facilities than before.

Sydney pools aren’t the only options for swimming in Sydney – beaches are popular among both locals and visitors, while inland lakes offer another great swimming destination close to major roads in Sydney. They’re protected by several conservation areas and parks so you’re assured of clean waters when visiting them.

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