Data SGP

Data SGP provides educators and administrators with an invaluable tool for identifying areas of strength and weakness in classroom instruction and informing lesson planning. Furthermore, SGP analyzes raw student assessment results to compare each student’s growth trajectory with that of peers within their grade and subject area and thus inform teachers and administrators as to whether that student is making more, less, or about as much progress than expected.

SGP provides several forms of analyses for analyzing Student Growth Projection (SGP) data, including the ability to compare current performance levels against expected levels of proficiency and provide projections of future progress for an entire class. Each type of analysis requires unique data sets and processes; users should familiarize themselves with any requirements before beginning an SGP analysis; otherwise it could become possible without sufficient information being available.

The SGPdata package, included when installing the SGP package, includes sample Wide and Long format data sets to assist with setting up an SGP analysis. These examples are designed to allow for all of the analyses available within SGP (including growth projection analyses ). Furthermore, lookup tables associated with each student test record make running analyses easily with teacher-related information.

SGP analyses operate under the assumption that student performance is generally independent from instructor influence; however, in practice this may not always be true and teachers often have an effect on a student’s development and growth. When this is not the case it may cause spurious correlations to arise between a student’s score and instructor – in these instances it would be prudent to use the sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER lookup table alongside your SGP analyses in order to minimize false correlations and spurious correlations.

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