Using the SGP Data Set Package

data sgp

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SGP package also contains WIDE and LONG formatted data sets as part of its offering, where each row represents one student and columns represent variables associated with them at different times; LONG data sets represent each student as multiple rows that contain time-dependent information for multiple periods; for more details on using these datasets please see sgpData vignette when using SGP package.

The sgptData_LONG data set contains similar information as its counterpart sgpData except for an addition five columns representing individual student assessment scores over five years. ID represents each unique student identifier while GRADE_2013, GRADE_2014, GRADE_2015 and GRADE_2016 provide grade level-associated assessment scores while remaining columns (SS_2013, SS_2014, SS_2015 and SS_2016) show scale scores associated with individual student’s assessments over this five year period.

SGP supports longitudinal (time dependent) data for student growth projections. This type of information typically has WIDE or LONG format and includes variables to support demographic analysis as well as categorization. To create student growth plots with this kind of data, users must include all of the variables listed in the SGP data analysis vignette.

SGP supports both wide and long formats of reporting as well as student aggregates – groups of students who are analyzed together, which can be useful when reporting by class, grade level, gender or socioeconomic status. To create such groups using SGP is easy; just include all necessary student variables into the analyze() function to group students together into an aggregate grouping.

To ensure your analyses are precise, it is crucial that you have an intimate knowledge of the data at hand. Utilizing the SGP package to process data sgp is generally straightforward, however we advise reading our SGP data analysis vignette for more detailed instructions on how to do it. Also remember that any data sgp you use must remain consistent and comparable over time. Therefore, only include data sgp from schools which consistently and comprehensively collect student assessments for your analysis; otherwise your results may not be reliable. Finally, keep in mind that results of SGP analyses should not be used as the basis for making decisions about any particular school or student population.