What is an SGP Prize?

A SGP Prize is an annual sum awarded by the philanthropic organization SGP and given to individuals whose work has made an extraordinary contribution to society, with funds used for any project or initiative they wish. Named for former U.S. President John F. Kennedy, its aim is to foster innovative ideas that could make our world better; its 15 finalists this year come from six continents, representing everything from planting trees in Liberia digitally tracked with GPS to treating industrial wastewater as a carbon emitter reducing carbon emissions reduction measures by treating industrial wastewater emissions reduction techniques reducing carbon emissions through treatment techniques like treating industrial wastewater emissions reduction by treating industrial wastewater emissions reduction by treating industrial wastewater emissions reduction by treating industrial wastewater emissions reduction systems.

The winner of the sgp prize will be revealed at a ceremony at Kensington Palace in London in October, at an amount of $2 Million that will fund their project. They’ll also gain admission into an advanced science program at Cambridge, with access to mentors and advisers that will assist in turning their idea into reality.

Since its founding, the sgp prize has been presented to more than 100 projects around the world. The inaugural winner was a British photographer who used his winnings to fund an educational photography project in India that helped hundreds of children living in slums. Since then, projects from all around the globe have received the award; additionally, its foundation has created several additional awards that promote social entrepreneurship.

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