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SDY is a fund that invests in high-yield stocks with consistent dividend increases over at least 25 years, as well as low expenses – making it a smart option for income-focused investors. SDY boasts an impressive history of dividend growth and currently yields 3.6%.

SDY has quickly earned the trust of investors. Additionally, SDY is expanding internationally with an initial focus on North America and Australia; even at such a modest size it may become one of the leading investment firms worldwide in its sector. Investors should note that this fund exhibits high levels of volatility due to its concentration on North American stocks. Therefore, it may not be appropriate for those seeking a less risky investment vehicle. As part of your investment portfolio, it is wise to select funds with broad diversification to reduce risk and maximize returns. This article gives a comprehensive overview of SDY Fund. Additionally, its performance in past and future years are reviewed in depth as are any strategies that could maximize its benefits. Finally, tips are offered on how you can take full advantage of it all.