Hongkong Pools – The Best Places to Cool Off This Summer

As temperatures heat up this summer, taking a refreshing dip in one of Hongkong’s pools can be an ideal way to beat the heat and relax. Not only is swimming enjoyable for friends and family members alike, it can also provide numerous physical and mental health benefits – so adding it into your fitness regimen would only make sense!

Finding a pool to swim in Hong Kong shouldn’t be difficult; with numerous indoor and outdoor pools to choose from, finding one to meet your swimming needs shouldn’t be hard. Some of the top pools even come equipped with gyms or saunas for an all-encompassing fitness and relaxation experience.

Causeway Bay, one of Hong Kong’s renowned shopping districts, boasts one of the city’s stunning swimming pools. The luxurious palatial setting features Roman-inspired design with statuesque columns that creates an eye-catching scene reminiscent of Rome itself. Visitors to Causeway Bay can also take in breathtaking views of Hong Kong’s skyline in the background while swimming.

Are you seeking a truly exotic pool experience? Look no further than Victoria Harbour’s Ritz-Carlton hotel and their impressive infinity pool surrounded by floor-to-ceiling windows and equipped with 144 LED screens that create an underwater light show! A must see attraction for visitors seeking respite from Hong Kong’s busy urban environment, especially those looking for some respite from its hustle and bustle.

Public pools offer budget-minded swimmers an inexpensive option for swimming in Hong Kong. Operated by Leisure and Cultural Services Department, Hong Kong’s 22 public pools feature entrance fees that average out at 17HKD/weekday or 19HKD/weekend respectively; senior citizens, people with disabilities and full-time students may receive discounted entry.

Nearly half of Hong Kong’s public pools plan to close lanes or facilities dedicated for swimming instruction this summer due to a shortage of lifeguards, according to a union representative. According to 20 out of 45 public pools that informed swimming clubs they can only operate partially this summer, raising concerns that classes may have to be cancelled altogether.

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