What is the Hongkong Prize?

The Hongkong Prize is one of Asia’s premier scientific awards, honoring scientific contributions that make an impactful statement about society. Open to researchers worldwide and selected through an open peer review process free from special committee influences, winners receive monetary prizes as well as showcase their research at an awards ceremony to gain global exposure for their research. Furthermore, scholarships are available to support young scientists achieve their dreams. This year’s winners include an individual using technology to assist homeless individuals as well as an artist who interprets human rights into fine art concepts.

This award was developed to encourage more scientists in Hong Kong to work in artificial intelligence, robotics, life and health sciences, new materials and energy research as well as advanced manufacturing. To qualify, applicants must submit scientific research papers within their fields of interest; additionally, winning teams must have made substantial contributions towards R&D outcomes in their area, sharing their expertise freely with the public.

Winners of the HK Prize will be chosen by an expert jury panel from various fields. Anyone interested in entering can visit the official website for more information and apply through it; but before doing so it is crucial that applicants carefully read through and abide by all rules and regulations before doing so.

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As well as receiving a monetary prize, the winning scientist will also have an opportunity to intern at top research institutes in Hong Kong for six months – this will enable them to build networks among scientists in their region while honing professional skills. Furthermore, their work can be presented at an awards ceremony so as to gain international exposure for their accomplishments.

The Bank of China (Hong Kong) Limited sponsors this award to recognize outstanding scientific accomplishments in Hong Kong. This competition is open to individuals or teams who have made outstanding contributions to scientific research in areas including artificial intelligence and robotics, humanities and social sciences, life and health sciences, new materials/energies/advances manufacturing technology. Finalists will receive both a monetary prize and plaque at the awards ceremony, along with scholarships that support their studies and living expenses. People interested in applying for the Hong Kong Prize should visit its official website and read through its rules carefully before applying. They must submit their submission by its deadline in order to be eligible to receive this prize, while also sharing their research findings with members of the general public, which will promote scientific growth while encouraging more young people into science fields.