What is the SGP Prize?

The Singapore General Practitioner Prize (SGPP Prize) is an annual award given to medical trainees who write the best scientific article for publication in an academic journal. Winners receive both a cash prize and the opportunity to present their work at the Singapore Academy of Medicine’s Symposium on Medical Writing held every June – this highly contested event draws medical professionals from around the globe and can have a tremendously beneficial effect on their careers! In addition, winning trainees may see their article published in their Academy journal (Journal of Singapore Academy of Medicine Journal).

A panel of senior doctors from both the Ministry of Health and Singapore Health Services Council select the winner, who can then award multiple trainees throughout a given year as part of an incentive and recognition scheme aimed at rewarding young medical trainees in Singapore.

SGPC is a not-for-profit organisation dedicated to training in clinical pharmacology and research in drug discovery and development. Additionally, it provides infrastructure and funding support for clinical trials; creating an environment in which trainees can develop their research capabilities in a supportive setting; boasting an expansive global network of industry and academic partners.

To qualify for the SGP Prize, candidates must submit a written application by 1 November each year. Their submission should include support letters from supervisors or medical professionals as well as an abstract of their scientific paper(s). Furthermore, applicants must possess a valid doctoral degree.

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